When I was young I was a dairy farmer. Cows in the cowshed have only one purpose in life: to produce milk. In order to always be fertile, the cows are sown frequently. In other words, cows in the cowshed are pregnant most of their lives. With the birth, the calf is separated from his mother. Female calves remain in the barn and join the milk production force. The males are sent to slaughter for meat. Cows in the barn, animals in the circus, lab monkeys and guard dogs, all of these cannot change their destiny.


Humans can.


I believe that it is possible to change the world into something better, more pleasant to live in, and that this should begin with a personal change of priorities and awareness of what is happening around us. It is possible to allow most people on earth to live happily. This is more feasible than it seems. What does a person need to be happy? A person needs to live in his natural environment with economic security, personal security and good health.


These days all these things could have been granted to every inhabitant of earth, had it not been for the selfishness that characterizes human beings. If everyone was content with what he really needs in order to be happy, if everyone would respect other's right to be happy too, there would be no wars, no poverty, most diseases would be extinct, and the suffering of man, animals and the environment would be reduced to minimal dimensions. The illusion of happiness in the form of ownership of products and assets, competition and jealousy, all these cause only dissatisfaction and frustration. Regimes serving the selfish establishment, educating to conformism, perpetuate the situation and block the chance to improve and grow. 


We need to change our perception of life. We cannot purchase happiness, but we can be happy through relationships. Teach your children to love. Violence does not create pride but pain. Borders block new possibilities. Enemies can be friends. Hate may be easily replaced with empathy. We can change. 


Peace. Love. Rock n' Roll.

I love this band. I love their expressions of gratitude to the audience. Beautiful. 

I recently discovered Alice Phoebe Lou. She is now one of my favorites. 

Great cover. Beautiful interpretation.

No words.